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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

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Westbury sits at the heart of Long Island and residents take great pride in their contributions to New York life. When it’s time to apply that industrious attitude to home improvements there’s now a great option for easy junk removal.

Bin There Dump That is the area's residential dumpster specialists, with dumpsters designed to fit where commercial dumpsters can’t.

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Variety of Dumpster Sizes for All Projects Big or Small

When you choose to rent a dumpster from Bin There Dump That you’ll have a variety of dumpster sizes to choose from. We have something for every project big or small starting with our smallest 4-yard bin which is a great option for tasks such as landscaping cleanups.

We also rent 6-yard, 10-yard, 15-yard and 20 yard dumpsters. All our dumpsters are equipped with walk-in double doors as well, making waste removal much easier and reducing the chance of muscle strain injuries.

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Residential Friendly Dumpster That Won’t Get in the Way of Your Routine The family driveway is an important part of everyday life whether it’s playing a game of pickup basketball with the kids or just parking your car every night after work.

We don’t want to get in the way of your family routine and that’s why we only rent residential friendly dumpsters that are designed so they don’t get in your way while you work on your home improvement project.

You’ll have easy access to the dumpster for quick and convenient garbage removal without giving up your parking spot. If you have a double-car wide driveway we can place the dumpster on the side of the choice, and you can keep parking your car on the other.

A Simple Solution to Protect Your Driveway

Most of the time, simple solutions are the best way to deal with a potential problem and that was our thought process when we were developing our popular Driveway Protection System.

Our Dumpster Delivery Expert will arrive on site with your rental dumpster in tow, but before they lower it onto your driveway, they’ll set up the Driveway Protection System to keep your driveway safe from scratches and gouges.

It may sound complicated, but it’s actually a simple process — we place a set of wooden boards at the four corners where the bin will sit in your driveway and then lower it into place. The idea is that the dumpster never touches your driveway so it can’t mark it up.

Are There Some Things That I Shouldn’t Put in The Dumpster?

While it’s a great idea to get rid of that old air conditioner that’s been sitting in the garage you shouldn’t dispose of it in your rented dumpster. Some other items that you’ll want to keep out are paint cans, propane tanks and refrigerators.

What Size Dumpster do I Need for a Bathroom Remodel?

This is one of those questions that don’t have one right answer, there are actually a few different options that you may want to consider depending on the size of the bathroom you’re upgrading. If you’re working on a smaller secondary bathroom a 4 or 6-yard bin is probably the right choice, but for larger bathrooms you may want to upgrade to a 10-yard dumpster.

Can You Put Furniture in a Dumpster?

We run into a lot of customers that aren’t quite sure if it's okay to put large items like furniture in a dumpster and we always say the same thing — yes you absolutely can and we think it’s the easiest way to dispose of old furniture.

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Local Guide to Westbury

Westbury is a central part of Long Island life and a great place to raise a family. It’s hard to compare any other experience to island life if you aren’t lucky enough to call it home. There’s always something happening and places to explore when you have some free time.

The Long Island Children’s Museum

At the Long Island Children’s Museum there are tons of hands-on exhibits for an interactive learning experience with the kids, live performances and workshops. It’s a great way to spend a day with the family.

Old Westbury Gardens

There aren’t many places where you can enjoy a nice walk in the open air and a bit of history at the same time, but you can at Westbury Gardens. This was once a grand estate and it has now been converted to a beautiful museum for the public to explore and appreciate.

Axe Kicking Entertainment

Axe throwing is an adrenaline rush and at Axe Kicking Entertainment you can try it out for yourself. It’s a great way to spend a night out with friends of get together with business partners as a team growing experience.

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